Outdoor Resume

You can find a (possibly updated) outdoor resume here. If you want to get out on a climb or trip and think we would be a good fit let me know!

Trip Reports

I used to constantly find myself wishing I had better notes. As I plan, I know I have been on similar terrain in similar conditions. How long did it take me? What did I do wrong? What clothes should I wear or how much food should I bring?

These trip reports are an attempt for me to catalog this information and learn from my mistakes. As a result, you will find attempts alongside successes. I try to write down notes from reports that were noteworthy, or where I learned something.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to document everything so this is kind of a sampling of trips. I know that if I set out to write full trip reports I just won’t do it… I have a pile of unorganized trip report notes going back several years to prove it. Therefore, if anyone reading this wants more information on a particular objective, feel free to reach out via email (johnsigmon@gmail.com) and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Some of these are also probably on Strava or Instagram.

Black Ice Couloir July 16, 2023

Epinephrine June 9, 2023

Geurt's Ridge to Memorial 1 Couloir April 15, 2023

Southeast Face of Mt. Emerson June 18, 2022

East Buttress of Mt. Whitney June 14, 2022

Kamp's Ridge on Mt. Olympus June 10, 2022

Mt Hood Ski via Pearly Gates May 11, 2022

North Ridge of Pfiefferhorn April 2, 2022

Grand Teton via OS Sept. 5, 2021

Mt Hood via Old Chute June 24, 2021

Middle Teton Spring Attempt June 8, 2021

Grand Canyon - Escalante Route May 28, 2021

Geurt's Ridge on Mt. Olympus January 16, 2021


Planning for a First Trip to the Cirque of the Towers July 1, 2022

Intro to Mountaineering Part Two, Learning Skills March 15, 2022

Intro to Mountaineering Part One, Purchasing Gear March 3, 2022

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