Working With Me

I consult with companies of all shapes and sizes that are interested in using the cloud or data, selling their product, or developing internal processes.

Professionally, I love finding bottlenecks and removing them. Creating efficiency brings me joy.

I have worked with early stage startups, state agencies, and enterprise organizations, both as an employee, and as a consultant. I have managed technical teams and converted business requirments into features and sprint schedules. Some ways I may be able to help your company or team are:

  1. Early stage startups
  • Navigate the enterprise or public sector sales process
  • Create plans for engineering recruitment, selection, and training
  • Prototype proof of concepts
  • Architect and/or develop software automation and CI/CD
  • Plan or review cloud architecture and infrastructure
  • Integrate with the engineering team to define process, reducing developer friction
  • Assist with documentation, including developer onboarding and knowledge bases/wikis

2. Organizations of any size that want to

  • Add devops, automated deployment and/or testing, CI/CD
  • Add machine learning to your product or product line
  • Migrate your on-premise or other non-cloud databases to the cloud
  • Deploy a cloud provider across your entire organization

I would love to connect and see how I can help your company or team. Please schedule a free consultation here.