Outdoor Resume

I’m motivated by summits and big days moving through the mountains. Although I enjoy climbing single pitch, I mostly see it as training for larger goals. I love complex logistical challenges, and am a gear nerd. I like to be prepared and am precise.

Success to me is making good decisions and coming back alive. Attaining the summit is secondary. As an older climber, injury prevention and risk management are always on my mind. I was sidelined by injuries for several years and try my best to avoid them now. For that reason I am usually a conservative leader.

Being a conservative leader to me means that I build a large base of experience before trying to push technical difficulty, and that my solo grade is relatively close to my onsight grade. I am willing to take more risk for good reason, but not frivolously. I rarely solo, as I feel that there is always a chance of something unexpected happening. Therefore when I solo it tends to be in big terrain and on big objectives where the time saved is worth the risk for me, which reduces the overall number of lifetime hours I spend doing something with a non zero probability of disastrous consequences.

WFR certified 9/2020 and recertified 4/2023

AIARE 1 Backcountry Pros SLC 1/2022

Alpine Ascents and Descents

I began skiing and ice climbing in the 20/21 season. My first season was cut short in January 2021 due to injury.

Notable Ascents/Descents

  • Black Ice Couloir AI3 5.6 Grand Teton, Teton Range 7/2023 14h45m car to car
  • Triangle Couloir WI3 Wasatch Range 2/2023 Steep snow to WI3 to Steep Snow. Descent on skis, rappelling WI3 section
  • North Ridge 5.4 III Pfeifferhorn, Wasatch Range Ski Descent Southeast Face 4/2022 Exposed 5.4 climbing, ski descent 50 degrees over a cliff band, second season skiing
  • Pearly Gates Mt. Hood, Cascade Range Ski Ascent/Descent 5/2022 Skied from bottom of Pearly Gates, car to car 6h27m descending in full whiteout
  • Geurt’s Ridge Mt. Olympus 1/2021 on foot & 4/2023 with ski descent via Memorial 1 Couloir
  • Ice climbed hundreds of pitches in Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Canada, on-sighting WI4 and M5

Alpine Rock

Dozens of Grade III and IV ascents in the Wind River Range, Sierra Nevadas, Tetons, and Red Rock.

Notable rock ascents:

  • Epinephrine 5.9 IV Black Velvet Mountain, Red Rock 6/2023 10h45m car to car
  • Minor Dihedral 5.9 III Haystack Mountain, Wind River Range 9/2022
  • Northeast Face 5.8+ IV Pingora, Wind River Range 8/2021 4h30m base to summit, including waiting over an hour on other parties
  • East Face 5.7+ IV Pingora, Wind River Range 9/2020 Led all pitches with a less experienced partner, one year after learning to trad climb
  • North Ridge 5.6 IV Lone Pine Peak, Sierra Nevada 7/2020 First and only epic


  • Pfeifferhorn, Wasatch Range, car to car in 3 hours 35 mins, car to summit in 2 hours 9 mins 7/2022
  • South Ridge of Superior, Wasatch Range, car to car in 2 hours 4 minutes 7/2022
  • Grand Teton, car to car 8 hours 39 mins. Climbed up and down Owen Spalding route with trail runners, party of one, no rope 9/2021