About Me


My name is John Sigmon and I am currently a data engineer. I am passionate about:

  1. Creating useful things
  2. Sharing what I know
  3. Learning more about myself and the world
  4. Finding my limits in athletic activities

I like thinking about what drives me and the people around me. I love learning new things and mastering them as well as being challenged mentally and physically. I have previously worked as an auto repair technician (where I started and owned a shop), a bartender, and in many other jobs and industries. I am an avid runner and rock climber (when my body cooperates.)

You can find out more about me in my writing on this site, via my resume, or via my social media accounts linked on my home page.

About This Site

This site is a work in progress. For now it contains a few technical posts, along with writing that I have done on various topics. If you enjoyed something on this site and want to let me know or discuss it further, feel free to reach out via email. Constructive criticism, typos, etc. are always welcome and in fact appreciated.

The website content is written in Markdown, and the site was created using Hugo, which as a static site generation tool written in Go. I forked the Goa theme. The website is hosted and deployed via Netlify.