About Me

My name is John Sigmon and I am passionate about:

  • Creating useful things
  • Sharing what I know
  • Learning more about myself and the world
  • Finding my limits mentally and physically
  • Rock and ice climbing, running, skiing, and mountaineering/alpine climbing

I’d love to meet people interested in:

  • Collaborating on freelance or startup work
  • Climbing mountains or otherwise going outside
  • Having conversations about work, relationships, or life


I worked in a number of industries, including many years bartending and starting an auto repair business. I went back to community college at the age of 27, transferring to UT Austin and graduating with degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics while working full time throughout the four years.

While in school I started backpacking in Big Bend National Park and climbing at Austin Bouldering Project. My love for the outdoors grew and I dreamed of bigger mountains, driving farther west on my school breaks. After graduating I moved to Salt Lake City so I could spend more time climbing and exploring the mountains.

I focused my studies on machine learning as the field grew and gained speed, and worked as a machine learning engineer and data scientist before ending up as a cloud architect and consulting with enterprise and government agencies to build large scale applications.

I am currently spending my time focusing on climbing and developing myself as an endurance athlete, still looking for my limits as a climber and runner.

You can find out more about me via:


This site is a work in progress. If you enjoyed something on this site and want to let me know or discuss it further, feel free to reach out via email, johnsigmon@gmail.com , or Twitter DM.