Introduction to Running
I have been helping some friends out with starting running and wrote some information for context before working with them on a training plan. I thought it would be useful for a wider audience and wanted to share it here. If you want to work with someone to reach new


Planning for a First Trip to the Cirque of the Towers
I know a few people headed to the Winds for the first time, and found myself repeating advice and thought it might be better written down and shared. If you’re making your first trip to the Cirque of the Towers hopefully you find this helpful. Getting There There are a
Intro to Mountaineering (Part Two Learning Skills)
Overview This post is a compilation of resources that I have found helpful both for myself and to share with others. As I copied and pasted, and searched YouTube for the same links over and over, I thought this might all be better in the same place. These resources are
Intro To Mountaineering (Part One Purchasing Gear)
Overview This writing only covers how to choose and purchase your mountaineering/ice climbing/winter gear when you are starting out. There is so much gear to be acquired, and this post only aims to provide an intro and overview of what the main options are. This includes boots, crampons,


My Battle With Chronic Pain
Intro This writing is about the details of my sufferings with a repetitive strain injury (RSI)[1] that was debilitating for over a year and has affected me daily since early 2018. The emotional stress of having a chronic injury cannot be overstated. It dampens everything like a heavy blanket.
Linting Your Python and Shell Scripts
Linting vs Testing Linting is a “static” test in the sense that it doesn’t run or execute any code. It analyzes the file(s) looking for code smells [] and what the linter considers poor style. On the other hand, tests actually execute some
Climbing, Mountaineering, and Skiing Videos
During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 I started compiling a list of (mostly) free climbing, mountaineering, and skiing videos. I created a Google Doc that is available here. I will occasionally sync this page with the Google Doc. If you want to make suggestions, navigate to the document and add
JSON From the Command Line
I want to share a command line tool I have recently learned. jq provides a fantastic and fast way to manipulate and manage JSON files, especially when they become very large. I want to give a quick overview of how it works and then show some examples. Giving jq input
Git Tips
Basic Git Usage A great reference for basic git usage, including push, pull, merge, and other operations is Travis Swicegood’s “Pragmatic Guide to Git” []. Julia Evans also has a wonderful and easy to understand introduction to solving common user errors within git
Bash Tips
Overview This post simply provides a grab bag of bash snippets that are unrelated and not enough to write a whole post on. Enjoy! Redirects All those fun redirect operators are outlined really well in this Stack Overflow post [] . Grep, Awk, and Sed